Download Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Cabinets Pictures


Download Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Cabinets
. There are several wall colors that work well with dark cherry wood, but whites with warm undertones, such as creams or light tans, work well with cherry cabinets. I plan to refinish the floors with a penetrating oil.

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Instead, have them choose their favorite color and paint the ceiling with the eccentric hue. I have a kitchen with medium dark cherry cabinets and i'm having a hard time figuring out what paint color goes best with it. So often i have questions about decorating, and go to the internet hoping, but.

The trick is the right shade.

What paint colours work best with stained wood trim? This rich flooring doesn't go well with all paints, and it is sometimes difficult to choose a paint color for rooms that feature cherry floors. Because cherry wood has such depth and presence it can stand up to a dark or intense colour if colours that intense are not to your taste, then a medium or pastel shade of one of them would be fine. Contrasting colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel.

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