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View Dark Navy Kitchen Island
. Don't write it off though, as this classic and if painting all cabinetry blue is a little daunting, why not go for one focal piece such as a dresser or kitchen island and tie the scheme together with. A dark stained kitchen island with a metal countertop features drawers and shelves for storage and feels very rustic and industrial.

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Schedule a free online appointment with a kitchen expert. Our kitchen & dining room furniture category offers a great selection of kitchen islands & carts and more. And what's interesting here is the dark island was so nice she did it twice, here in her own mother's kitchen with black paint—so sure, the bigger the island, the more impressive.

Schedule a free online appointment with a kitchen expert.

Discover kitchen islands & carts on at a great price. Without the wood and stainless steel island, this kitchen would feel utterly empty, with all the open space feeling wasted. Designing a dream kitchen island needs to accommodate a few simple rules: While kitchen islands are among the most popular hangout spots in homes, their typical counter stool seating isn't always the best layout for conversation.

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